You are tired of throwing away exchangers like socks to find the one that allows to pay for bitcoins with your card with minimal fees and cost-efficiently.

After trying some exchangers, you were shocked to find that because of hidden fees you received far less cryptocurrency than you should have. And in the others, although they offer bitcoins at decent rates, there are delays in cryptocurrency transactions. And all you want is to make bitcoin purchases quickly and... with no fee charged!

"No fees? No, this is too good to be true!" - you may say, and you'd have a point. After all, it is hardly possible to imagine a crypto exchange without any fees at all. Such Robin Hoods will be out of business within the first month.

And yet, Kayo Exchange has decided to break the mold!

Right now we offer you bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies at the most favorable rates, and most importantly, we won’t charge you for the first transaction. This will allow you to get even more cryptocurrency on your wallet.

Despite the fact that zero fees apply only on your first transaction, from the 2nd transaction onwards you will be able to buy bitcoins at the most favorable rates on the market, paying one of the lowest fees in the world!

Experience all the benefits of working with Kayo Exchange

Practice shows that 99% of modern exchangers promise their customers the best exchange rates in the market, but in fact it leads only to a loss of a lot of money. The problem with most of these services is that they rarely ever go from nice slogans to real action.

At our website you will never find catchy slogans that don't make any sense. In addition to really good exchange rates, there are several packages for you to choose from. They will save you a lot of money and bring more bitcoins into your wallet in just a few minutes.

You don’t even have to specify the exchange amount. Click the Buy button, and then click on Buy bitcoin in the next form with the amount displayed. Then confirm your e-mail, if you are not yet authorized, and fill in some simple data.

In addition to the incredible ease of use and convenience, our company guarantees a high level of security for each client. After all, all transactions are protected by the TLS protocol. This means that no data you provide on our website will be available to third parties, and fraudsters will never be able to intercept the transaction. In other words, you are 100% guaranteed to get the money to your wallet with a minimal fee.

Kayo Exchange is more than just a crypto exchange. Our website offers you additional tools, such as real-time cryptocurrency price monitoring on beautifully designed and informative charts, as well as cryptocurrency converter, where you can quickly and easily convert one currency to another at the current rates.

Here are some more advantages that we are ready to offer you:

1. Wide coverage. At this moment, customers from more than 180 countries are using the Kayo Exchange’s services. Every single day we expand our activities in order to completely erase any boundaries between you and our reliable service where you can buy bitcoins at the best rates.

2. Instant bitcoin withdrawal. Forget about long waits and worries when bitcoins are needed on the wallet yesterday. We guarantee that you will receive the cryptocurrency immediately after the payment is made, with no adjustments for the payment being processed by the system and other nonsense.

3. Low fees. Our fees are actually lower than those of any exchanger. All this will allow you to get even more cryptocurrency for the same amount of money.

4. Maximum security. Every day we spend a lot of money to improve the already high level of security of all transactions. And, of course, Kayo Exchange guarantees confidentiality to each of our clients.

5. Round-the-clock operation and support on any issue. No matter if it's day or night outside your window, we are always there for you and ready to give a quick answer to any question you may have. There is no such complex problem that our technical support specialists could not cope with.

6. Only positive feedback and impeccable reputation. Our company is fully compliant with all U.S., UK and EU laws. During our many years of work, we haven’t yet received a single negative feedback from our customers, and this speaks volumes. We received the highest rating on Trustpilot, as well as on other reputable resources, which is another proof of our honesty.

7. Large number of supported currencies. Cryptocurrency users often talk about bitcoins, but we remember other assets as well that may be of interest to you, in particular Polkadot, Cardano, Ethereum and others. With us, you can buy and sell them quickly, easily and extremely profitable in just a few steps. Kayo Exchange is also a partner of the largest systems Skrill and Neteller.
Choose only the best ones; don’t trust the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency to dubious services, because it can lead to very unpleasant financial consequences.

Still have any questions? We are always ready to answer them.
Create your first exchange request on Kayo Exchange now - and make sure you made the right choice.

Kayo Exchange UAB

Our online service is a unique exchanger for buying various cryptocurrencies directly from a bank card.

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